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Thousands of Baby Turtle’s Thrive On Empty Beach As They Make Their Way to the Open Sea (WATCH)




Thousands of baby Olive Ridley turtles made their way to sea last week after hatching. Their season has come early as these turtles typically nest from June to December. For the first time in seven years, the baby turtles were seen traveling the sand during clear daylight hours. Since then, the video has gone viral bringing awareness to a gentle species.




“The last time we saw daytime nesting of Olive Ridleys along this site was in 2013,” local forest officer Amlan Nayak told Mongabay-India. “Usually they come onto the beach for nesting only during the night.”


These turtles are considered to be an endangered species so the fact that they were given an undisturbed experience brings forth an opportunistic future.


olive Ridley in water


The Olive Ridley’s are named for their greenish color and are only found in warmer waters like the southern Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. The hatchlings are expected to reach up to 100 pounds with a length of 2-feet. They are considered to be smaller than the majority of turtle species in the ocean.


According to Mongabay-India, “Currently, the beach managers (local community members who used to volunteer with SNM are hired from November to May by the forest department) are making sure the hatchlings reach the sea safely. They work only either in groups of two or solo,” said Mohan Updhye, who is associated with turtle festivals.



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