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This Woman Set Up A Feeder Cam For Birds In Her Yard, & The Results Are Epic



Birds come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Each with a unique “voice” and for most, the ability to fly. A delight to observe but get too close and they fly off in the blink of an eye.

Lisa, always enjoyed nature and birds and after following her heart, moving from Germany to Macomb County, Michigan, her fascination grew with the bird life in her new surroundings so different from her homeland. She explored ways of getting closer to and capturing images of the birds in a natural setting without scaring them or causing harm.

She set about experimenting with different kinds of food to lure the birds to the garden and set up a camera, using a bird feeder cam made up of a camera box, a macro lens and an attachable feeder. She added a tiny camera with a motion sensor which would then activate the camera without scaring the birds away.

As testament to her success, her social media pages, named Ostdrossel, shows images of different bird species and their daily antics, many regulars and other seasonal. Lisa’s photoshoots happen every day with as many as 7,000 images captured on a good day.

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