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This Majestic Cathedral Is Made Of Living, Breathing Trees



Italian artist, Giuliano Mauri, is known for his design in natural architecture and participated in numerous architecture collaborations such as the Venice Biennale, Milan Triennale, and Biennale of Penne.

His Cattedrale Vegetale, or Tree Cathedral, is perhaps the most beautiful of all. To realize his vision, Mauri planted two groves of trees that will grow into breath taking basilicas. The Cathedral has 42 columns forming a basilica for five isles.

He started the structure of his Tree Cathedral by creating cages with tree stumps, working with branches and tree trunks, once complete, he planted he planted the two groves of trees which included 80 horn-bean saplings inside the cages. These will eventually grow into large trees, filling the gaps as the wood disintegrates over time.

The project was immense, using 1,800 spruce trunks, along with 600 chestnut tree branches which are then secured together using 6,000 meters of hazelnut twigs. This was achieved by using traditional methods of intertwining and weaving.As they grow, it will create a natural roof over the cathedral.

The cathedral is huge, taking up 650 sq. meters in total and took months to create. More than 90 feet long, 80 feet wide and with a variable height between 16 feet up to 70 feet tall, it is a sight to behold.

Mauri started his creation in 2001 but sadly passed away in 2009, before completion. Completed just a year later, it now stands as a memorial to Mauri, his art and architecture.

The Tree Cathedral stands at the foot of Mount Arera, in Northern Italy.

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