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This Incredible Underground Hobbit Style Home Is Seriously Mind-Blowing



Doubtful that architecture could be fun and interesting?

Javier Senosiain will most likely prove you wrong with his absolute masterpiece.

On a hilly site near Mexico City lies a house, resembling a… peanut.

With green dunes and beautiful trees surrounding the peanut-shaped abode, it seems almost invisible in all the greenery.

It’s no surprise that the peanut drew masses of attention since 1984 – the year it was completed.

Back then, the 1,873 sq-foot home seemed way out there, and still turns heads today with its seamlessly natural garden setting, leaving you possibly walking on the roof without even realizing it. This is the beauty of Senosiain’s work – he manages to use the most natural of settings and turn them into houses inspired by shapes of sharks, snakes, mushrooms and flowers.

The organically designed house was modeled after he shape of a peanut shell, making it quite spacious with two chambers connecting via a narrow passageway.

One chamber is used for nighttime with more privacy and the other is brighter and more for social purposes.

The inside may look like a cave, but the large window that opens up to a stunning landscape changes all of that.

Javier made it a point to integrate all the house’s essential elements like the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bath, dressing room and living room into art, leaving you feeling comfortable at all times.

Javier mentioned that the purpose of the house was to find a way to have a ‘psychological and physiological clean-up’, where so much pollution and stress run rampant in our daily lives, the home’s wonderful green area makes for a refreshing resort, with the interior being made cooler, protected from sunlight, noise and dust – it truly is the ideal place to rest.

Downstairs, you will find the sleeping rooms which are darker, encouraging sleep. The rest of the house remains sunny and well ventilated.

The home truly is perfectly engineered for human use, coming across as a cave or maybe even an igloo, quite prehistoric in comparison to what we see today – but that’s what makes this place so special. In it’s simplicity is where one finds calm.

Javier seems to have created the perfect hobbit house – would you like to live in one of your own?

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