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These Hidden Rainbow Caves Are Said to Hold Healing Powers Within It’s Colorful Walls



From the outside looking in, this cavern appears like a subtle slice in a formation of ancient rock. However, historic tales suggest otherwise. These walls hold a colorful world inside and are even said to hold special healing powers. The passing of years has led to these mystical tales being forgotten. However, recent images have resurfaced bringing many stories back to life.



This hidden cave served as a popular visiting site in Britain throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. It was said pilgrims would drink from the “holy well” to ward off and treat dis-ease.



In some writings, the water within these walls is known to be an “elixir of life” containing healing properties from the limestone secretions.


John Cardell Oliver’s ‘Guide to Newquay’ from 1877 noted, “The legend respecting the well is, that in olden times mothers on Ascension Day brought their deformed or sickly children here, and dipped them in, at the same time passing them through the aperture connecting the two cisterns; and thus, it is said, they became healed of their disease.”



Other writers have documented this cave’s wonders and characteristics. While recent years have claimed this majestic space vacant, the myth and magic surrounding these caves are sure to attract more visitors.


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