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The ‘Rainbow Tree’ Building Mixes Sustainable Architecture with Luxurious Design for Ultimate Harmony



Sustainable architecture has paved the way for cities and urban areas to incorporate natural materials in a way that harmonizes with the planet. Most recently, the Rainbow Tree in Cebu, Philippines by Vincent Callebaut Architectures display a functioning residential building for both humans and the environment.


“This organic building integrates the principles of passive bioclimatism and advanced renewable energies. We named it ‘The Rainbow Tree’ because it is an ode to Eucalyptus Deglupta, also known as Rainbow Eucalyptus, an iconic and colorful tree from the Philippines,” according to Yanko Design.



rainbow tree building 1


In a sea of silver skyscrapers, this rainbow tree stands out like an oasis. The reflective tendencies of current building designs often cause birds to crash into their own reflection. Instead of attracting them to harm’s way, the Rainbow Tree building has the potential to draw in various birds, butterflies, and pollinators to work in harmony with its structure.


rainbow tree building 3


Oftentimes, city dwellers fall into anxiety or depression due to the disconnect they feel from the great outdoors. In this innovative design, humans are able to take in the fresh air and feel the healing effects of surrounding plants.



rainbow tree building 4

Via Yanko Design


According to Yanko Design, “Cebu is one of the 66 creative cities awarded by UNESCO for its innovation in design, fashion, architecture, and the production of eco-responsible furniture – an example of the new world we are trying to build.”

The interior keeps an air of freshness with open windows and adornments of flowers along the walls. It’s another reminder that we don’t have to sacrifice our tastes and comforts for a more natural existence. Instead, we are invited to return to the sources we come from that have the ability to create abundance for all.


rainbow tree building 5

Via Yanko Design


These beautiful buildings get their name from the Eucalyptus Deglupta, also known as the Rainbow Eucalyptus. According to Yanko Design, “The trees are cut and harvested in short circuits from eco-responsible forests where each tree cut is replaced by planting another in the archipelago.”


Via Yanko Design


Our unfolding is never-ending. However, the work being done in all fields inspires others to continue striving toward a future that is fruitful and longlasting.


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