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Thailand supermarket uses innovative banana leaves packaging to avoid excessive plastic usage



Let’s face it, we’re tired of the amount of plastic we toss away after a visit to the grocery store.

Everything, from bananas to vegetables to tea – it’s all fancily packaged in the shiny, non-recyclable stuff.

Rimping Supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand has come up with one of the greatest concepts yet.

All their fresh fruit and vegetable produce comes conveniently pre-packaged in banana leaves.

And that’s truly eco-conscious.

Simon from Perfect Homes Chiang Mai limted,took the pictures and had this to say:

“These were simple pictures taken of my mobile phone of a what I thought was a great idea. I certainly was amazed when they went viral”

Some however pointed out a fact that cannot be ignored.

Yet, as many mentioned, it’s surely a great leap in the right direction.

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