Life in These Sustainable Off-Grid Homes Don’t Sacrifice Luxury or Convenience

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The planet is becoming louder to the environmental impacts we inflict daily. As fires in California and Australia heat the atmosphere snowcaps begin to melt and raise sea levels. It is crucial we take responsibility and make changes in our daily operations. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean we must sacrifice modern comforts. In the 70s, Mike Reynolds designed and built the first Earthship made from recycled material. Life in these sustainable off-grid homes doesn’t sacrifice luxury or convenience. Many Earthships include wifi, indoor gardens, natural heating systems, and clean water. 

Sustainable Off-Grid Homes aka Earthships

There are very few limits as to where Earthships can thrive. As pictured above, these homes can withstand extreme temperatures and snow-filled winters. The homes are built with recycled tires to store heat within the walls while strategically placed windows store energy from the sun and store heat in the flooring. 

In warmer environments, the same window provides a fruitful space for indoor gardens and self-sufficient food growth. A built-in natural ventilation system cools air during the hotter months. 

The 2005 documentary, The Garbage Warrior, Michael Reynolds takes the viewer through the process of working with children in India to collect garbage material and provide them with finances for their role. Humans used Earth’s sustainable resources within seven months last year. Most of our consumption comes from our daily living routine. Sustainable off-grid homes make it easy to live with a lighter carbon footprint. 

Recycled glass bottles make up the interior of this Earthship creating a colorful mosaic.

Earthships have come a long way from when they first appeared to the masses. Michael Reynolds encountered bumps with the judicial system when it came to making sustainable housing available to the masses. Reynolds championed bumps with the judicial system over false claims and concerns regarding the proper trash disposal and safe water filtration. These sustainable off-grid homes work efficiently while keeping the homeowner free from utility bills with a light ecological footprint. Off-grid living isn’t the only answer. This man builds canoes for his community using plastic bottles reminding us there are many ways to recycle and reuse. 


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