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Stunning Macro Details of Uniquely Beautiful Snowflakes



Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov, based in Moscow, is passionate about snowflakes, not the human kind, mind you.  Kljatov isolates individual snowflakes to capture the unique beauty of the delicate, icy crystals falling from the sky during snowstorms.

To enable him to get incredible close-ups of each snowflake, Kljatov created an add-on to his camera for increased focus, allowing him to capture the geometric shapes and lines unseen by the naked eye.

Kljatov’s series of photographs feature a wide range of snowflake designs such as hexagons, triangles, stars, columns and leaves to name a few. For maximum effect to highlight the intricate, delicate shapes he uses a flashlight to illuminate the ice with a simple, dark wool fabric background.

Alexey Kljatov on Flickr via

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