I often go out into nature to enjoy the peace and quiet but that’s not to say I don’t love the beautiful noises the forest brings. Which is why I was very glad to have found the story of these three architecture students from the Eastern Academy of Arts who felt that nature was too quiet and that they wanted to be one with the forest sounds, so they created these amazing devices.


These massive megaphone sculptures have only recently come to fruition. You can lounge on the inside of the giant megaphones, to relax and enjoy the beautiful music that nature makes. These beautiful sculptures double as a sitting and resting area as well as somewhere that can be used to stage small events.

Hannes Praks, head of the Interior Architecture Department said that “We’ll be placing the three megaphones at such a distance and at a suitable angle, so at the centre of the installation, sound feed from all three directions should create a unique merged surround sound effect,”

I think it’s a wonderful idea that enhances the experiences nature has to offer and perhaps it will help us finally hear what mother nature has to say!

Kasim Khan, Team EiC

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