In an interesting video recently posted online, a Russian soldier can be seen repeatedly attempting to throw an empty can off of a steep cliff, but the can bounces back to him every time. The Facebook user who uploaded the photo asked if gravity was somehow being defied in this scene, and although there is no official explanation, it seems that there is so much wind rushing through the ravine that it won’t allow the can to fall.

There are quite a few places on earth that appear to defy gravity, but the illusion is usually created by some other natural but invisible force. One example is a phenomenon called the inverted waterfall, which occurs in many different places all over the planet, most popularly in Chile, Hawaii, Iceland, and Scotland. In reality, the waterfalls are not really going in reverse, but the water is merely being blown over the cliff by strong gusts of wind.

Mount Aragats, located in Armenia, is a place where streams flow uphill, and locals report that it is easier to walk uphill than downhill. Some tourists have even been able to roll their cars uphill with a killed engine.

One artificial creation that seems to defy gravity is The Mystery Spot near Santa Cruz, California, which was opened in 1939 by George Prather.  Tour guides walk visitors through the “Mystery Shack” that stands on this spot and demonstrate the many weird effects that seem to take place there. Balls roll uphill, brooms stand on end at odd angles, people’s heights seem to change as they walk about, among other weird effects of perspective and gravity. Even the trees in the area do not stand straight. Some visitors actually feel faint within the shack.

Many of these places are still mysteries to scientists. You can learn more in the video below:

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