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Snowboarder Abandons City-Life And Builds His Own Magical Off-Grid Tiny House In The Mountains



A professional snowboarder named Mike Basich  in California decided to retire from the sport and leave the city for good. What better way to do this than to go high up into the mountains get yourself a few acres of land and build yourself an unbelievably beautiful tiny off the grid cabin.

Now when we say this is house is off-grid  that means no Internet, no indoor plumbing, and no traditional electricity. Luckily for anyone wanting to take a shower or wash their hands, the property has two creeks that provide water for the home. The best part of this house has to be the location. Not only can he snowboard on private trails, but the property even has its own chair lift . If you think this style of living is crazy,Mike is one of about 180,000 Americans choosing to live off the grid. He says of the home, “I like to think of it as getting back to the basics of humanity. I like feeling connected to the earth more than I could with a 4,000-square-foot house.”

Another spectacular feature are the two huge, south-facing glass doors that open out onto a patio that has a hot tub.


Basich recounts how most of the materials came from the property itself, from the wood, to 175 tons of rock. A lot of things were salvaged, like his fireplace. Electricity is generated by solar panels, and heat is supplied via firewood. Basich’s design is based on the Golden Ratio, and the plan is derived from a humanly-proportioned pentagon, to keep the space’s feel intimate and harmonious. I love how he has also brought in the celestial movement of light into his floor-plan: on his birth date, the cabin has been aligned on the site so that the light will hit the very center of the space.


Full of imaginative details and built with a lot of love, this extraordinary tiny home is a realization of Basich’s childhood dreams, and shows that thinking out of the conventional box can bring you to unexpected, and exhilarating, places.

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