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Reusable Lids Replace Aluminum Foil & Provide An ‘Earth Conscious Way to Store Food’



Nothing hits the spot better than last night’s leftovers. A meal fully marinated in just the right amount of time and spices always taste better the second time around. When it comes to storing our meals, finding the right top for our Tupperware can be time-consuming. Using single-use items, like plastic wrap, proves to be convenient yet harm the environment. These reusable lids replace aluminum foil and are referred to as the “Earth-conscious way to store food.”



The Food Guard is the ultimate cover for all kinds of leftovers. Their washable, stretchable, and heatproof—not that anyone still uses microwaves, because that’s asking for it.

While the environmental impact is obvious, we’re wasting fewer resources, the convenience is exponential. Food Guard lids eliminate time spent searching for the right lid to cover a container. It also ends up being cost-efficient in the long run. Sustainable practices tend to do that for us.

According to the product description, “The Food Guard material is a unique one. It is similar to what silicon cupcake trays are made from but is a little more ‘sticky’ so that it can grip and create airtight seals around containers, making sure the food stays fresh and flavorsome.”


food guard


These lids fit just about any shape. Their flexible yet durable design makes them great for storage as well as stacking in the fridge.

Between coffee shops eliminating plastic straws and New York’s recent ban on plastic bags, it is becoming increasingly easier to reduce single-use waste. The Food Guard lid stretches to fit up to two to three times its size, heatproof, dishwasher safe, and infinitely reusable.


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