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Poland’s Mysterious “Crooked Forest” Populated with 400 Bent Trees



Step just outside of Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomerania, Poland, and you’ll find a pine grove known as the “Crooked Forest”. Creepy right?

One of the most unusual forests in Central Europe, the 400 odd trees are rather bizarre as instead of naturally growing upright, they are all bent at 90 degrees at the base, causing them to shape in a wide arc towards the top.

What makes it even stranger is that they all bend facing North. The pine trees were planted in the 1930’s and there is no definitive answer as to why they bend the way they do up until this day.

The assumption goes that they may have been manipulated by tool or technique to create curved timber for the manufacturing of furniture or boat building.

Another theory stands that they may have been knocked skew by a snowstorm, although the real story has never been revealed. The rumors run deep on the internet and range from witchcraft to strange energy fields. Regardless of what actually happened, the forest is an ominous spectacle and photographer, Kilian Schönberger has really captured it in all its spooky glory.

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