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Photographer Spent 2 Years Photographing Animals That May Soon Be Extinct, And It Broke Our Hearts



Endangered animals are a faraway mystery for most, however, British Photographer Tim Flach has endured 2 years of braving exotic habitats in order to document rare animals’ fragile, beautiful existences.

Endangered provides us with an intimate, rare view into the lives of some of Earth’s most threatened species, reminding us that there is much to lose.

Species varying from familiars like polar bears, snow leopards and cheetahs to the more exotic like saiga, Phillipine eagle and olm salamander, Flach has managed to present a biodiverse spectrum of endangered species, shedding light on each animal’s unique challenges it is faced with, being habitat destruction to a more gruesome fate – poaching and being sold onto the black market.

When staring into the eyes of these animals, one feels the heartbreak of the thought that they are considered less worthy than any of us.

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