A new moon in Capricorn will take place on Thursday December 29th at 1:53 AM Eastern Time which is located at 7 degrees of Capricorn. This new moon has some exiting and positive aspects to it, which include mercury conjunct the new moon, Mars conjunct Neptune, Jupiter opposite Uranus and Uranus trine Saturn. The sabian symbol for 7 degrees Capricorn is “A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of God.”

This sabian symbol suggests that communication will be a major theme of the month. People can show up in our lives with a “messiah complex,” which could be religious fundamentalism could be another major theme. It also suggests for us to be mindful of the things we take in from the media. Disinformation campaigns can be set in motion at this time. As always, discernment is key.


Mercury Conjunct the New Moon

When Mercury, the planet of communication, comes to the same point of the new moon, we are given a new opportunity for ways of communicating and receiving messages from others. Perhaps this may include learning about nonviolent communication. Maybe there are new beginnings in business or relationship communications or technologies that help us communicate. Because this is a new moon and a great time to write new affirmations, Mercury being at the same point adds more weight to these affirmations and can give additional boost to one’s dreams, visions and communications. Because Mercury is retrograde though (appearing to go backwards) be careful with what you’d like to manifest. The mind is also likely to be very sharp and attentive to details when Mercury is conjunct the new moon. Worldly events could include news around media and communications. Will the mainstream media lose even more credibility with the new moon conjunct Mercury?

Mars and Neptune Conjunct in Pisces

With Mars and Neptune at the same point in Pisces, we can see more action and passion (Mars) going towards our dreams and ideal visions (Neptune). Our dreams could have a spiritual dimension to it since they are in Pisces. There could also be more passion with our love-life experiencing more magnetism and charisma. Additionally, Mars and Neptune are sextile (a very positive aspect in astrology) to the new moon, Sun and Mercury. This means that all of the positive qualities of Mars and Neptune in Pisces will be accentuated. Big breakthroughs and dreams coming true are the highest expression of this aspect. Dream big. Visualize it. Write the dreams down on paper and state those dreams to yourself in the mirror.

Mars conjunct Neptune can also bring out strong “spiritual warrior” qualities. This is a great time to begin or add to one’s daily spiritual practice. What is put into motion spiritually right now will be strongly empowered.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus

Big, surprising breakthroughs can happen right now. Uranus always puts us where we need to be. If there are surprises that happen during this cycle, trust that it is what is meant to be. On a social level, this can quickly bring on massive revolutions. Uranus is known as the awakener and is now working very harmoniously with Jupiter to bring about the next level of global awakening. 2017 is strongly infused with this aspect. Watch as the revolution picks up big time in the coming weeks and months.

Saturn Trine Uranus

Saturn is also making a wonderful aspect with Uranus and is telling us that any structural changes we make in our life, whether that has to do with home and family, or whether that is making a new routine or habit, it will be supported to grow in healthy, stable ways. On a global level, Uranus will continue to revolutionize outworn structures (governments, politics, finance, etc.).

What action can you take at this new moon and throughout the cycle to improve your life? Do you have new affirmations you’d like to write? Are there areas around communication and technology that need a new boost of life? What are your wildest dreams? What are your passions in life? Are there new ideas you’d like to make manifest? What are your spiritual goals, if any? Are there others in your life that would benefit from receiving this message?

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