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Mother elephant checks on her baby as he is sleeping and it’s so cute



This incredible footage was recently posted to Facebook by Leslie A. Temanson, a former Program Director at Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia.

He captured the moment when a mother elephant gracefully decided to check on her son as he was sleeping.

Elephants are capable of forming extremely deep family ties and live in close knit groups of related females, known as a herd. The group is lead by the oldest and usually the largest female in the herd, known a the matriarch.

Herds usually contain 8 to 100 elephants depending on the region and family sizes. Once a baby elephant is bored, it is protected the entire herd.

Males leave the family unites between the ages of 12 and 15 to lead solitary lives or temporary lives with other males.

Elephants are some of the most intelligence animals on the planet and their memories can span several years. They also display signs of emotions like joy, anger, excitement, and grief.

Recent studies have found that Elephants can communicate using very low frequency sounds, with pitches below the range of human hearing.

These low-frequency sounds, called “infrasounds,” can travel many miles, and provide elephants with a “private” communication channel that plays a vital role in the complicated social life of elephants.

Below you can watch the adorable video filmed by Leslie A. Temanson!


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