This truly is one of nature’s greatest phenomena. Over Lake Catatumbo in Venezuela a storm occurs from 140-160 days of the year and it happens for up to ten hours per day. The storm appeared continuously for many hundreds of years when all of sudden during the first four months in the year 2010 it stopped. Many people thought that this was the end of the iconic storm but then as suddenly as it stopped it reappeared.

This is, apparently, the single biggest generator of tropospheric ozone in the world.  I wonder if this kind of energy could be stored? While I ponder that , here are a selection of images of followed by a couple of awesome videos of this magnificent storm for you marvel at:




Here is some RAW footage of a storm taking place over Lake Catatumbo:

The storm is also now in the World Guinness Book of Records:

So I suppose this place is literally the most electric place on earth. How cool.

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