The Gelmer Funicular in Bern, Switzerland could be considered one of the most interesting rollercoasters in the world. It is a long track with a railway car that reaches to connecting stations in nearby Handegg and Gelmersee.

The railway was originally built to transport heavy construction materials to the Gelmer dam, but is now used as a ride for adventure seekers and tourists. The track was originally built in 1926 but was not officially opened to the public until 2001.

To reach the funicular, travelers must cross the Handeck suspension bridge, which hangs 70 meters above the Handeck Gorge.

The track is 3,373ft long and reaches inclines of 106%.

The line operates from the beginning of June through to mid-October, in daylight hours and the journey takes about ten minutes.

24 passengers can fit in each car, and 60 people can be sent in each direction ever hour.

The railway passes through the Grimsel Pass, a mountain pass in Switzerland, in the Bernese Alps.

The railway then makes a stop at Lake Gelmer, a reservoir in Bernese Oberland, which is the highlight of the ride for many tourists. It takes about two hours to walk around the entire lake, which is located at the summit of the mountains.

The Gelmerbahn was the steepest funicular in Switzerland and Europe, until the opening of the new Stoos Funicular in 2017, according to Wikipedia. The Stoosbahn funicular railway is in the Swiss canton of Schwyz, which connects the Hintere Schlattli with the village and mountain resort of Stoos. The Stoosbahn has an elevation of 2,500 feet and reportedly cost of $53 million to build. The Stoosbahn was also a redesign of an older railway that was built in 1933.

The videos below show some amazing footage of the railway in action.

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