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Images of the Rarest Creatures Provide New Understanding of Endangered Species



South Philinppine FT Image

There are countless species that coast beneath humanity’s radar. While their obscurity keeps them out of the majority’s eye, environmental conditions can often lead them to extinction rather than conservation. Photographers have captured some of the rarest creatures that have the potential to enhance our perspective toward protecting life in all of its forms.


Cross River Gorilla


Cross River Gorillas

As forests are continually depleted, the cross river gorilla fails to find a safe haven in what was once a habitat. With approximately 200 to 300 of these animals left, Nigeria has reported no illegal poaching since 2012. As recent images have been taken, scientists observe the glimmer of hope in reproduction and longevity.


South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher


South Philippine dwarf kingfisher


These sweet birds are painted with a vibrant color palette and an even more lively direction of flight.  Capturing images of the South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher isn’t an easy task. Their size enables them to move quickly throughout the forest. 


Sumatran rhino


Sumatran Rhino

The Sumatran rhino dwells in part of Indonesia and is often poached for its double horn. With an estimate of only 80 of these rhinos left in the wild, scientists are doing their best to keep them safe within wild sanctuaries. 


Ruby Seadragon


Ruby Seadragon


The ruby seadragon was discovered in 2016 near the coast of Western Australia. Scientists used a remotely operated vehicle to follow the motions of this seahorse relative. Unlike other sea dragon species, the ruby seadragon has a curled tail.



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