“Cloud tsunamis” have been sweeping across the skies and thanks to mobile phones we have for the first time been able to capture these scary and amazing acts of nature on camera.

These ‘tsunamis’ are formally known as shelf clouds. They are several-kilometers long and span across the entire sky. These mighty formations are as dangerous as they are beautiful, known to be accompanied by heavy rainfall, gale-force winds, flash flooding, and large hailstones.

Here is a brief explanation as to how these clouds are formed:

Shelf clouds are created by a cold outflow from a thunderstorm lifting the moist air very abruptly. When the rain from the thunderstorm comes vertically down it drags the air with it, it spreads horizontally and forms a gust front, you get the humid air being lifted abruptly from the outflow of the thunderstorm.

I have found an awesome video which shows some of the more enormous shelf cloud formations which I will share with you all below along with some pretty spectacular images.

This is pretty amazing scary storm footage

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This image was captured in Australia earlier in 2015



Wonder why the people on the beach are just standing around?


This is an epic image.


I saved the scariest for last…


Nature can be both so beautiful and scary at the same time. Please share if you loved these cloud shelf storms as much as me.





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