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What would happen if there were suddenly no humans left on earth …



The lights would turn off within hours … power plants would flat-line without manpower and the underground would flood. Not long after nuclear reactors would fall resulting in nuclear meltdowns around the world.

About 25 years later cities like Dubai and Las Vegas would be buried under sand, roads would be overgrown with plants.

Around 300 years later towers and bridges would crumble. Marine life would flourish. Nature would take over and all animals and plant life would thrive again.

Moving on a long long way down the scale only historic buildings would survive and show any trace humans ever existed such as The Great Wall of China and Pyramids of Giza.

Many millions of years later no evidence of human existence would remain and a few hundred million after that a new intelligent species would rise up…

The Earth doesn’t need us. But we need it to exist.

Although the time scales in this video might be on the far-fetched side the point of the video still remains. We need to take care of our planet for us and for future generations.

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