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Green Maze-Like Park Designed to Keep Visitors Physically Distant While Enjoying the Outdoors




Welcome to “Park de la Distance,” a concept that guides visitors on a tranquil maze-like path. In the era of physical distancing, Austria-based design firm, Studio Precht, envisions a way for city dwellers to enjoy greenery while honoring a 6-foot separation.

“There is something fundamental in spirals,” Chris Precht, co-founder of Studio Precht, shares in an email. “A path to center. A path to your inner self. And as this path is about solitude, I think this is an appropriate geometry to stroll on.”



The green parallel hedges offer a fully immersed experience in nature along with a meditative aspect.

Its design allows for one person to enter at a time for an approximate 20-minute walk.



“Sometimes visitors are fully immersed by nature, other times they emerge over the hedge and can see across the garden, but at all times, they keep a safe physical distance from each other,” project designers wrote in a description.

“Park de la Distance” does its due diligence during this uncertain time. However, the park may continue to serve as an attraction once the pandemic ends. “There is a beauty in solitude and in connection to nature that people in the city often miss,” Precht mentions. “Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find something. For that we meditate, hike, or go on silent retreats. This park is a short version of that. It gives the possibility to escape for 20 minutes.”

When we are given the opportunity to escape from our everyday stressors, we are then able to return to the true witness within. Whether you are near nature or not, how might you create your own oasis at home?



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