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Graduate Launches Eco-Brand at Fashion Week Made From Abandoned Festival Tents



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One man’s trash is the catwalk’s treasure? Pretty much. James Marshall is the eco-entrepreneur behind making clothing out of abandoned festival tents. The fashion line debuted during London’s fashion week earlier this month.

Marshall spent last summer collecting up to 300 abandoned and broken tents from festivals with the purpose of reusing them. The forgotten pieces were recreated by designer Imogen Evans into trendy items like bucket hats and jackets.

“London Fashion Week was a really good experience. The days were pretty stressful, but it was such a good feeling to get that recognition,” says Marshall. “It was nice to have the validation that the process and idea works and that we can take the idea to market and continue with it.”

Some of James Marshall’s designs at London Fashion Week. February 17 2020.See SWNS story SWSCtent. An entrepreneur is making clothes from abandoned tents collected at music festivals – which are being shown at London Fashion Week. James Marshall, 24, spent last summer scouring campsites at Eden Festival, in the Scottish Borders, and Kendal Calling, in the Lake District, collecting abandoned tents. He roped in his friends and family to help and amassed around 300 tents – which were then turned into trendy bucket hats, bumbags and jackets by fashion designer Imogen Evans. The ultra-sustainable clobber was modelled on the catwalk at London Fashion Week under the brand name 10T.

Marshall also teamed up with a local charity who also collects tents and gives them to refugees. They were able to collect additional tents that were not usable and give them to Marshall. “They don’t normally collect broken tents, but they did and then sent them all over to us,” Marshall mentions.

This is only the beginning for 10T, Marshall’s recently launched brand. He started the brand in 2018 after earning a degree from Edinburgh Napier University with an MSC in Environmental Sustainability.

With festival season right around the corner, 10T plans on selling items online by March. “We will stick with collecting from sources ourselves, but we will start looking at other forms of waste,” he added. “We already have a few ideas.


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