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This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations



If you presently suffer from a mad case of wanderlust, you’re sure to appreciate this new motorhome unveiled by RV company Dethleffs. With a sleek design and head-to-toe solar panels, the vehicle was made for the open road. It’s especially perfect for those who seek to go off-grid for a while, as it runs without fuel or charging stations. Because the e.home is solar-powered and can store the sun’s energy in a battery pack, it allows campers to thrive in the wild without adversely impacting the environment. 

New Atlas reports that the motorhome is built on Dethleffs Iveco Daily Electric chassis. The Iveco Daily is in turn powered by a variety of battery options. The largest battery gives the RV a range up to 174 miles on the European Cycle. With the camper’s extra weight, the e.home concept drops to just over 100 miles.

In reality, that short driving range doesn’t matter, as the e.home has 334 square feet of thin-film solar panels on its exterior. It can generate up to 3,000 watts of electricity to power the 228-Ah sodium-nickel-chloride battery. Though specific figures aren’t given, the company says the battery is good for approximately 1,500 charges — or about 250,000 km (155,350 miles).

Other applaudable features include a heating system that uses phase change materials to absorb heat when the outside temperature increases past 79 degrees F. Reportedly, the heat is released into the cabin when the temperature drops at night. To ensure RV owners stay warm, infrared heating panels have been installed in the floor, walls, and furniture.

Built-in driver assistance technologies include the CampConnect app and the Mobileye-based front vehicle monitoring system. The e.home also has two foil-based technologies: one is built into the window panes for darkening the windows for sleep or privacy, and a second in the lighting to create a mirrored surface when lights are turned off. A starlight system produces a starry sky on the ceiling above the alcove bed.

Apart from those technologies, the RV looks like a basic motorhome. A comfy sofa lounge/dining area that converts into a bed is included. There’s also a kitchen, toilet room, and flat panel TV.

While Dethleffs isn’t the first company to produce an electric motorhome, its vision is certainly compelling. Following are more photos of the innovative electric RV:

Images Credit : Dethleffs

h/t New Atlas

Article originally featured on The Mind Unleashed


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