Sikhs Aim To Plant A Million Trees As ‘Gift To The Planet’

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Worldwide, Sikhs are Planning to Plant a Million New Trees as a Gift to the Planet
Aptly titled the “Million Tree Project”, EcoSikh, the Washington DC based environmental organisation has announced a celebration marking 550 years since the birth of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak.
The project is aimed at an environmental reconnect to halt nature’s decline and since it’s launch 10 months ago, tens of thousands of trees have since been planted by members of the community, keenly embarking on the challenge.
Good News Network reported that volunteers have been around the clock working with environmental specialists to eventually plant 1,820 forests worldwide. Set to contain shrubs and trees with will comprise of native species in the chosen areas. 
The majority of the Sikh population resides in the state of Punjab and every village has committed to planting 550 saplings. Trees are however popping up all over the US, UK, Australia and Kenya.
According to The GuardianRajwant Singh, the EcoSikh president has explained that he wanted the celebration of the anniversary to be significant.
He said:
“Guru Nanak was a nature lover. had talked about nature as a manifestation of God and many of his writings talk about how we need to learn lessons of life from nature.”
He further added that the project should be seen as a “gift to the entire planet” and truly hopes that the efforts brought forwards would motivate mostly the younger generation of Sikhs to work on their own relationship with nature.
Sikh Union Coventry has already started introducing native flowers, shrubs and trees at Longford Park, exploring locations in schools, parks and recreational areas.
Palvinder Singh Chana, the chair of Sikh Union Coventry, spoke of the project, saying:
“As Sikhs, our connection to the environment is an integral part of our faith and identity. Future generations will benefit from the fruits of our labour, symbolising peace, friendships and continuity for generations to come.”
Hoping to achieve the completion of the Million Tree Project by Guru Nanak’s birthday in November, we all think this is an absolutely lovely gesture in honor of the anniversary!

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