This video is hard hitting to say the least and it certainly makes you question wether or not humans are seriously the best thing to have happened to this planet? This is not some existential angst talking, nor is this a hippie rant; it’s a serious question.

Humans have almost exhausted all the planet’s resources, killing billions of animals each year of which much goes to waste in the dust bins of restaurants or fast food outlets and now we’re making the planet uninhabitable for future generations.

This powerful animation shows the sad truth about the destruction that we as human kind have brought upon the world and all it’s magnificent creatures. And the worst part is, it doesn’t even touch on what we do to each other…

If you haven’t seen it yet here it is below:

P.S Look away if your’e easily depressed…

So after watching that and feeling rather depressed I feel compelled to urge each and everyone of you to make a promise to yourself. That YOU will do MORE to help reduce waste and help the environment. If everyone who watches this can do that, then this video will have had it’s desired impact – TO WAKE PEOPLE THE FUCK UP!!

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