Leonardo DiCaprio has become a vocal environmental advocate in recent years. Not only has he hosted “Before the Flood”, a National Geographic documentary about climate change, and interviewed President Obama about environmental issues, now he is creating a new model for hospitality.

He is in the process of transforming an island off the coast of Belize into a luxurious eco-resort—and the first look is here. Called Blackadore Caye Resort, the hotel isn’t due to open until late 2018, but potential travelers can already take a peek inside.

He bought the island about 10 years ago for USD 1.75 million. He says this new venture will be “groundbreaking in the environmental movement.” By making such plans, DiCaprio has shown himself to be a significant environmental altruist.


According to new renderings, the resort will beautifully integrate the outdoors and indoors with open-air buildings surrounded by palm trees, lush landscaping, and contemporary infinity pools and finished with natural elements like wood and marble.


The island will feature 36 bungalows and 36 homes, which will all be powered by 100% renewable energy.

Solar panels and rain that’s filtered on-site will meet the resort’s needs.

In addition to thatched roofs, the 36 bungalows and 36 estate homes on-site will offer features like circadian lighting and and solar panels. Given DiCaprio’s history as an environmental activist—he just released a documentary on climate change called Before the Flood— Gathy and his team are taking extra precautions to ensure the hotel will be environmentally sound. That includes reshaping the flora to remove invasive species and replace them with native ones, bringing in more mangroves, and maintaining the reef surrounding the island.

Half of the island will also be set aside for wildlife preserve and a research area will be created for scientists to conduct ecological studies.

Watch the exclusive drone footage of the island below:

Here are some more images of what the resort should look like in just a couple years time:





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