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Don’t Believe Everything You See! Fake Images And The Amazon Fires




The tragic news of the Amazon fires has all held us in shock. It is sad to see that such a piece of news was not covered in great detail before, but now that social media has taken a hold of it, it is going to explode. However, with social media, there is also the probability of spreading misinformation. We have seen something like this happen in the past, and it is happening this time too. Social media has started posting several grim photos of the Amazon fires, however, many of them are not true at all.

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul has shared an image on his Twitter account which turns out to be fake.
While it is Amazon, but this image is from 20 years ago when a massic fire was engulfing the forest. This image is circulating along with many more all over the internet. It is having a massive effect on people but being fake, it is causing a serious disservice to journalism and what is really happening in Amazon forests. Even sites like 9GAG have shared such images.


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Another photo that could be seen making the rounds has been shared by Leonardo di Caprio.

A post shared by Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio) on



Watching its popularity, even the Rainforest Trust has posted similar images.
However, this image could be traced by to a 2018 article.

David Licauco has also posted similar heartbreaking images, of which two are not even from the Amazon Rainforests. One is from a 2018 wildfire and the other from a Montana wildfire.


In many cases, the animals are from different past events. Nathalie Muñoz, a blogger, published such a group of images on her Twitter account.

In this case, one of the images is from a photographer, clicked back in 2016 and the other from the Malibu wildfire, 2018.

The world is riddled with fake news – please ensure that the images we share are genuine. Spreading panic in the name of the amazon fires should never be an option. Be wary and informed.

Feature Image: Nasa

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