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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Greta Thunberg A Tesla Model 3 Electric Car



It’s a beautiful thing when people unite in peace to demand change, justice and urgent action to save humanity, our planet and all who dwell on her. Greta Thunberg, 16 started the Fridays for Future campaign, mobilizing more than a million students across the globe.

The climate activist made a bold statement by sailing across the Atlantic on a zero-carbon yacht, instead of flying, to reduce her carbon footprint. To help her do the same on her trip to Canada, Arnold Schwarzenegger offered to loan her his favorite electric car, a Kreisel Electric modified H1, which, unfortunately turned out not being a practical option for Thunberg’s trip.

The 72-year-old helped reportedly told Thunberg to call him ‘if she needed anything’ and arranged a more climate-friendly vehicle for her use so she ‘can travel fully electric through the United States and Canada,’ according to a spokesperson for Schwarzenegger. Tesla’s Model 3 would do nicely for sure, traveling 348 miles on a single charge, according to Tesla’s website.

The two environmentalists met in Austria earlier this year.

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