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9 Thing YOU Can Do To Help Save & Protect The Amazon Rainforest



With the Fires raging and destroying massive parts of the Amazon Rainforest, we all sit with heavy hearts as headline after headline delivers more devastating news.

This article, however, is about how YOU can help. There may not be much you can personally do to stop the fires that are blazing through the forest right now, but there are many things you CAN do to help what’s left, including the rest of the world’s rainforests too!

While it may not be as satisfying as actually putting the flames out yourself, the actions listed bellow will have a long-lasting impact in helping to keep our earths largest tropical rainforest protected.


Protect an acre of rainforest through the Rainforest Action Network.

Help buy land in the rainforest through the Rainforest Trust.

Support the rainforest’s indigenous populations with Amazon Watch.

Reduce your paper and wood consumption or buy rainforest safe products through the Rainforest Alliance.

Support arts, science, and other projects that raise awareness about the Amazon through the Amazon Aid Foundation.

Help protect animals living in the jungle with WWF.

Reduce your beef consumption. Rainforest beef is typically found in fast-food hamburgers or processed beef products.

Make your voice heard by signing a petition.

If you’re in a position to help protect the rainforest on a macroscale, Foreign Policy argues that one of the most powerful tools for protecting the region is to work with businesses rather than against them. This is particularly effective in the beef industry, because as Foreign Policynotes, domestic meat producers in Brazil work with international companies that “are committed to zero-carbon standards, in principle” and are more susceptible to public outcry than Bolsonaro. They suggest that trade, distribution, and financing deals that are dependent on protecting the rainforest and sustainability can be a boon to the planet and to Brazilians who depend on the rainforest for their livelihoods.


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