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Find Out How These 10 A-List Celebrities Are Using Their Fame To Help Save Our Planet




10 Influential Celebrities Putting a Spotlight on Climate Change

As the reality of climate change beckons upon on us, more and more notable figures are using their celebrity status to conscientise the public of its effects and how we can all play a part in slowing it down. In his epic film “Before the Flood”, Leornado DiCaprio challenges world leaders to be more proactive in preventing the flood of climate change from wrecking the planet. Emma Watson used the 2016 Met Gala to display custom made gown made up of recyclable plastic bottles that have been processed into yarns by the Calvin Klein Collection. On two occasions, Pharrell Williams has teamed up with Al Gore as the creative director of the “Live Earth” concert in a bid to raise awareness on the issue. Beyond talking, these are some of the commendable acts celebrities have spearheaded in the plea to save our planet.


The following infographic list 10 influential celebrities that are using their fame to put spotlight on climate change.

Celebrities Making a Difference in Saving the Planet
It is said that the loudest voice in the room is the weakest, but with millions of twitter followers, fan page likes and global audiences, the influence of these celebrities speaks volumes. They are doing their bit, and now you can do your by SHARING this infographic to help raise awareness on the things that really matter.

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