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Drone Captures Incredible Rare Footage Of Whales And Dolphins Playing Together



Most interactions between wild animals are as predator and prey but this amazing footage captured deepin the middle of the oceans reveals a wonderful playful side to inter-species interaction.

This incredible drone footage shows a pod of playful Pacific white-sided dolphins joining a couple of 30-ton gray whales on their annual migratory trip to Baja, Mexico.

The whales began their journey near Alaska and were probably happy to have the company of their marine mammal cousins. The dolphins leaped and surfed around the whales as the behemoths twirled and did the backstroke for their smaller playmates.

It certainly looks like both species were enjoying themselves.

After the whales reach Baja, they mate and give birth before returning to the northern Arctic waters. That’s an incredible 12,000-mile round trip!

Along the way, the whales face numerous threats, including orcas and getting tangled up in commercial fishing gear. Sadly every year, dolphins and whales perish from such entanglement.

This drone footage was shot from Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari, which offers dolphin and whale watching trips from Dana Point, California. The whales are thought to use Dana Point as a navigational marker on their journey. They swim just a mile or two from the shore.

When you see these beautiful animals engaging in behavior such as this it reminds us that humans and nature aren’t as disconnected as modern society might suggest.

Featured video from Unilad Adventures Article sources used:

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