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David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet Released 27 October & We Can’t Wait



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This Sunday (October 27) sees the start of David Attenborough’s new documentary series, Seven Worlds, One Planet.

Four years in the making, this new seven episode series looks at a different continent in each episode starts with Antarctica. Viewers will see how bull elephant seals, penguins and whales survive and witness the daily hardships they face.

The 2,000 hours of film footage which includes drone footage of a volcano had to be edited down to about seven hours, a tough task for editors.

A BBC press release reads: “The series will celebrate the diversity of life on each of these continents, but also feature the many challenges faced by animals in a modern world dominated by humanity.

“By telling unknown, unseen and unexpected wildlife stories, we will uncover the fundamental truth about what makes each one of our seven worlds unique.”

The series also has important and powerful messages about conservation and saving our planet. Executive producer, Jonny Keeling said they included the ideas of conservation into each episode rather than just adding in ‘a line about it’.

Julian Hector, head of the BBC’s natural history unit, said: “Seven Worlds, One Planet takes our viewers on a journey to the seven continents on Earth, discovering what makes each one so special.

“I promise new animal behavior and new perspectives of our natural world including the threats upon it and how some species are adapting to a changing world.”

Sir David bring homes the message about the harm humans are doing to the planet, calling it a ‘tragic, desperate mess’, urging people to ‘look after the natural world, the animals in it and the plants in it too’ because it is ‘their planet as well as ours’.

Sir David offered advice at the screening of the first episode on how everyone can do their bit, saying: “Don’t waste things. Don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper, don’t waste food – live the way you want to live, but just don’t waste.”

Seven Worlds, One Planet starts on BBC One, Sunday 27 October at 6.15pm, and available on iPlayer shortly after.

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