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Businessman Proudly Poses With ‘Baby Elephants’ He Shot In Africa – Claims It Was Self Defense



by Jade Small

Mike Jines, a businessman from Georgia USA on a hunting trip to Zimbabwe in October 2018 was, as is customary, photographed with his “trophy” kills, which seem to be two young elephants.

The photographs of Mike Jines, a partner in TopGen Energy, Georgia and professional hunter Max Delezenne of Charlton McCullum Hunting Safaries, owned by Buzz Charlton, were recently posted on social media by Darrell Eisman on his Facebook page.

“Apologies for the disturbing photo,” Eisman wrote, “If you’re really upset by what you see, then make this go viral along with an email letting Mike Jines know what you think,” Eisman added. The post has indeed gone viral, standing at more than 96,000 shares and 8,000 comments, most calling the photos and deed “sad, horrible, sickening, disgusting or vile”.

One facebook user commented: “It utterly breaks my heart to see such cruelty going and those scumbags who killed this poor innocent creature should be punished, hunters should be banned as a lot of animals in Africa are now on the verge of extinction how tragic.”

One angry Twitter user wrote: “You have no heart, no soul. This is sickening and pathetic. It’s just so sad to see this.”


After social media erupted in dismay and anger, targeting Jines and his company, Jines insisted he shot the elephants in self-defence.  Jines says he’s focused on “making sure people understand the actual facts as opposed to the mischaracterization of the information on social media”.

He told CBS 46 that the elephants shown in the photos “were shot in self-defence, in an unprovoked charge and both elephants were fully mature cows, not juveniles”.

Jines also said the animals were shot in full compliance with laws and regulations in both Zimbabwe and the US.

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