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Bees, Plants, & Trees Gain Citizenship in This Costa Rican Suburb Honoring Diversity



The Sweet City Model is an approach led by the municipality in Curridabat, Costa Rica. One of their initiatives involves granting citizenship to bees, trees, and plants to honor diversity and ensure life’s longevity. 


Bee Hotel, Curridabat Municipality


“Pollinators are the consultants of the natural world, supreme reproducers and they don’t charge for it. The plan to convert every street into a bio-corridor and every neighborhood into an ecosystem required a relationship with them,” Edgar Mora shares in an interview.


“Urban development should be, at least to some extent, aligned with the landscape instead of the other way around,” he continues.



According to a statement made in a release, “We believe that our Sweet City model will help redefine the role that small and medium-sized cities play in the world because it brings us closer to sensible answers to the following disturbing question: How can a city add value to nature instead of subtracting value from it?”

This venture stemmed from the idea that many people are prone to supporting nature when it is far away. However, when cities and neighborhoods are designed in a way to be celebrated, citizens are able to see the effects first-hand.

The Sweet City Model brings the truth of humans and nature being as one—not separate—from one another


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