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Baffling Summer Phenomenon Has Over 600 Wild Deer Gathering Daily in a Japanese Park



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Japan is a unique and beautiful country with amazing cities and incredible sights to visit and delightful experiences to enjoy. Falling in the delightful category is the city of Nara in Japan’s Nara Prefecture where you’ll see more wild deer than you can imagine.

At the Nara Park, nearly 1,400 friendly, free-roaming Sika deer make it a very popular destination for travelers. Visitors can buy and feed the deer biscuits to snack on and they are not shy to come right up to you and ask for a treat.

If you visit the park in summer, be sure to stay until early evening to witness an unexplained spectacle when, as the sun starts to set, the deer temporarily retreat and gather together in a corner near the Nara National Museum, called shikadamari, translating to ‘deer gathering spot.’ For an hour, around 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, about half the deer population stay together relaxing after which they go their separate ways to other areas of the park.

Although no one knows the reason why they choose that particular place to gather, some think it may be to enjoy the cool air from a large air vent in the ground.



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