Have people ever said, “But bacon,” to you at a party? Show them this.

Pigs are highly intelligent (studies show that they’re smarter than dogs) and social animals, yet those on factory farms endure horrible cruelty until they’re slaughtered. On any given day in the U.S., there are more than 65 million pigs on factory farms, and 110 million are killed for food each year.

Cows are also thought be as smart as if not smarter than dogs. Alexandra Green, a 21-year-old student at the University of Sydney, developed a test that provides evidence of cows’ sophisticated cognitive abilities. Green found that dairy cows could follow sound through a maze in order to find food, suggesting heightened executive function and decision-making abilities.

These capabilities shouldn’t be surprising to us, says zoologist Dr. Daniel Weary, a professor in the Animal Welfare Program at the University of British Columbia.

“These are highly developed mammals that have been solving problems for a long, long time,”

“If anything, it reflects poorly on us that we’re surprised that these animals are smart. Of course these animals are smart.”

Sheep are widely regarded as some of the most dim-witted creatures in the animal kingdom, but new research has revealed they are far more intelligent than they have previously been given credit for.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have found that the creatures have the brainpower to equal rodents, monkeys and, in some tests, even humans.

The results suggest that sheep have relatively advanced learning capabilities, are adaptable, can map out their surroundings mentally and may even be able to plan ahead.

If science proves that all these animals are so intelligent then surely they must have a high level or emotional intelligence too. Just like your dog or cat can feel love, affection, sadness and pain so too can your everyday farm animal and yet humans choose to devour them everyday and harm the planet and their own health at the same time.

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