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This elephant survived being shot in the head, and walked up to vets to ask for help



This elephant survived being shot in the head, likely by a poacher. Rescuers estimate he walked around for weeks in Zimbabwe with the gunshot wound, until he was rescued. When vets arrived to help, this gentle giant walked right up to them and asked for help.

They nicknamed him Pretty Boy after removing bone fragments from the around the bullet, lodged five cm beneath the surface of the wound. He is likely to make a full recovery. 

Had the bullet been a few inches lower it would have entered the elephant’s brain. The animal also suffered a wound to his shoulder.

A spokesman for the Aware Trust said: ‘Pretty Boy was given ultra-long acting anti-biotics and parasiticides.

‘The vets were worried his weak back might interfere with him getting to his feet after reversal, but he recovered uneventfully and then lay his head against a tree and dozed for half an hour.

‘The following day he was feeling much happier and very relaxed, and allowed Stretch, Keith and Lisa (the vets) to get very close to him for a final assessment.

What an amazing elephant!

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