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This Educational Centre Lets You Swim With Adorable Otters



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Who doesn’t like otters? They are ‘otterly’ amazing little creatures!

These clever little creatures use rocks to crack open clams for dinner, and actually carry their rock tools and snacks in the loose skin under their armpits, like pockets. Otters also like to stick together when they sleep, so they wrap themselves in seaweed and hold one another’s hands while floating on their backs!

If you are anything like me, you’ll love what I am about to tell you next. You can actually SWIM with otters at a place called Barn Hill Preserve in Louisiana. Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to take the tour, where you will enjoy a guided encounter with the little furry swimmers. The tour is about 3 hours long and you’ll get around half an hour to swim.

Speaking to Bored Panda, John Ligon, the CEO of Barn Hill Prerve says: “We are a federally licensed facility in Ethel, Louisiana. Our otter swims are a very limited experience as we don’t provide many. The swim experience includes a tour of the preserve which includes African servals, red kangaroos, and a climate-controlled sloth exhibit.”

“We also provide a home for animals, including a large group of free-flying macaws,” Ligon said. “These macaws have lifespans of up to 80 years and possess intelligence that compares with human toddlers. We help these birds learn to fly so they can live out their 80 years in the Louisiana countryside. We hope that seeing these birds fly in a flock, will inspire people to help protect their wild cousins, who are rapidly losing land to human development. Some animals are owner surrenders, while others are planned acquisitions from Federally licensed facilities.”

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