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Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Baby Elephant Chasing Birds Around



Why is this is so important? Simply because it lifts the spirits. It’s a piece of positive news – something that the world needs a whole lot more of.

One thing I CAN guarantee you that this video will do, is to make you smile.

I have been trying to use the art of always being positive and applying it to my life in every situation, and it honestly works. At least it has for me, I read a lot about the law of attraction and how whatever you give your attention to or energy to is what you will attract back into your life. So on that basis if we all focus on being happy and positive whilst still recognizing that there needs to be a lot of change then eventually the power of positive energy will simply negate the negative and bad that exists in this world.

For example, imagine you are in lots of debt and to try and get out of debt you keep thinking and worrying about the debt itself , generally in this circumstance you will really struggle to get yourself out in the clear whereas if you focused all of your energy on simply working hard, being positive and trying to make money then you will find that eventually the debt will simply disappear.

So that’s why this video is so important, because I want to make it my purpose in life to change the world , and the best way to do that is to spread positive energy. So do YOUR bit to help make someone a bit happier today and share this awesome video.

Peace and Love, Kasim Khan – EiC


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