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Owner Takes Video Of Dog Trying To Fill Kiddie Pool By Herself



Some dogs, like my pug Bubbles, hate getting baths, but a video posted of a 6-month old labrador named Maddie shows that some dogs love the water. Owner Charlie Ogard took the hilarious video of his dog on a hot summer day when she was obviously hot. All that Charlie had to do was turn on the water, and Maddie got to work filling the pool herself, using her mouth to run the hose all the way over to the pool.

She struggled with the hose a bit but did not give up, as she walked in circles stepping over the hose, trying her best to keep it in the pool. At one point it seems like she had the hose in a good position, but she picked it up again and started the process over.

The video has been viewed over 2 million times and sadly has attracted some internet trolls. Charlie has had to change the description of the video to address people who accused him of wasting water.

“Relax people this is just a cute video of my puppy playing with the hose…she did not fill up the pool, and I turned the hose off right after the video, and I’m sorry there is a drought in California,” Charlie posted.