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Man Makes Winter Shelters For Stray Cats Out Of Discarded Coolers



Winters can be tough on animals and especially for stray and abandoned pets struggling to fend for themselves. While you’re warming your toes by the fire and sipping hot chocolate, spare a thought for those unfortunate animals who, in spite of their furry coats still feel the freeze.

Philip Rogich of Ogden, Utah did just that and came up with a great and inexpensive idea to create little homes for cats in need. Philip uses unwanted  cooler boxes and turns them into dry and cozy shelters for kitties to sleep safely in winter.

Philip saw a Facebook post of a man making them and decided to give it a go. He posted an online request for old unwanted coolers and had a great response. Philip and his wife are animal lovers and he like this idea to help furry creatures in need. He’s already converted 77 coolers and have another 15 waiting.

Speaking to Fox13 news, Philip said, “Normally the cooler keeps things cold. We’re going to use it to keep animals warm,” Philip told the Fox13 news outlet. “I actually have a 6-inch drill bit and then once you drill the hole, you just use some pipe insulation to pad it,” he further explained. “They are already insulated to keep things cold, but they can be used to keep things warm as well. Old ones end up in landfills and they don’t decompose.’’

Philip has made a how-to video so anyone, anywhere can make their own with a few items and tools available at hardware stores. Most people have an old unused cooler gathering dust in their garage or shed and if not, they can often be found cheaply at charity shops. So far, he’s the only one in his community making the shelters but he has lots of volunteers helping to place them in good spots for the cats.

More info: Facebook Instructions on how to build a shelter

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