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His Dance Moves Are Wowing The Internet: Meet Chaco The Dancing Cat From Japan



Chaco the dancing cat dance moves

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Cats dominate the internet and the millions of videos, pictures, and memes floating around just proves it. The feline domination of the internet is absolute. And their influence is more than the combined clout of all the human influencers fighting for attention on the net. And another such phenomenon is Chaco the dancing cat.

The feline invasion is not confined to just their photographic depiction. They even have their traveling and adventure sites. Now a pair of cats from Japan have their own dance site.

Chaco the dancing cat dance moves

One cat who is setting the Instagram on fire is a 3-year-old from Japan, Chaco the dancing cat. His singular calling is the photos in which he appears in impossible dance moves. He is the master of every dance form from ballet to break-dance. It is his repertoire and the grace with which he executes his moves that have wowed the internet. And he has the numbers to prove it: over 20 thousand followers on his Instagram page!

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Chaco and Suzuka, his “sister”, are the stars of the Instagram account “Wakaponsan” that presents these spirited and charming felines. Chaco the dancing cat is also referred to as “the ninja cat.” “Animal Aid,” a cat café in the city of Ageo was his first home before he was spotted by his present owner while donating food.

Chaco the dancing cat dance moves

The internet seems to have an unending supply of dancing and singing animals. But what makes Chaco popular? It’s his killer expressions which match his moves. We wish Chaco the dancing cat and Suzuka his partner the very best in their career.

Chaco the dancing cat dance moves Chaco the dancing cat dance moves Chaco the dancing cat dance moves Chaco the dancing cat dance moves Chaco the dancing cat dance moves

So, can you challenge this dancing champ in a dancing competition?

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