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Firefighter Rescues 6 Koalas After Spotting Them Huddled Together In Bushfire



Firefighters have been working nonstop for weeks attempting to limit the damage caused by devastating bush fires raging across three states in Australia.

At least nine people have been killed, more than 700 homes destroyed and millions of hectares of bush and forest burnt to the ground, including large areas of the koalas’ natural habitat.

Many koalas have been rescued so far, by firefighters and civilians risking their lives, including a woman who used her shirt to save a koala. Many wild animals are still struggling to survive with flames, smoke and lack of water.

Firefighter Adam, while fighting a blaze in Cudlee Creek, a small town near Adelaide in South Australia, spotted six koalas trying to get away from the fire. Adam, with the help of some friends was able to get all six of the koalas to safety.

Janelle Michalowski, an Adelaide resident shared a picture of the rescued six after their rescue, commenting:

‘’For those who liked my post, Adam is a fire fighter and currently working out in the field. He has made everyone’s day.’’

She added ‘Koala Rescue are all over it’, an indication that the animals were being taken care of at a shelter. Several animal hospitals are providing medical care and shelter to injured wildlife saved from the fires, hopefully they all recover completely and quickly, including the now famous six.

Record breaking temperatures have aggravated the problem while a multitude of fires are still active in Australia.

 Adelaide Koala Rescue explained that ‘bush fires caused by the extreme heatwave have been ‘devastating koala colonies across the Adelaide Hills.’

They continued, ‘we’re receiving calls to report deceased koalas with some colonies completely gone.’’

Adelaide Koala Rescue, a registered charity, asked for donations to help it deal with the influx of wildlife to the center off the back of the fires, explaining the situation in a post:

‘’Bushfire victims are rolling in and Adelaide Koala Rescue needs your help… The bushfire victims will continue needing rescue, treatment and rehab for survivors and we pay for it all ourselves.

Our registered not-for-profit and charity receives no government funding or support – we rely on donations and sponsors – please help.’’

Every little bit helps, you can donate here.

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