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Fascinating Rare Albino Turtles Look Like Characters From A Video Game



Although albinism exists in many wild animal species they often don’t survive long enough to be captured on film. Fortunately, video and photographic evidence exists of albino and leucistic animals such as whales, penguins, giraffes, lions, elephants, snakes, birds and tigers exist, and now also of albino turtles. With pale orange skin and shells and red eyes these turtles are beautiful and unique.

Unfortunately, their uniqueness is what makes them stand out in their natural habitat, making them easy targets for predators and also the reason they are seldom seen as adults. Albino turtles usually live longer, due to their protective shell, compared to other albino wildlife.

Reptiles differ from other animals with albinism in that they usually have one pigment present gives them a pink or yellow appearance instead of white. Amelanistic might be the correct term to use because they lack the melanin pigment whereas with albinism, lack of pigment affects all areas of the body, including the irises of the eyes. The Sulcata turtles are most likely to be albino although they are not completely white either.

An albino turtle called Hope created awareness of these rare and beautiful reptiles several years ago. Hope, an albino pink-belly side-neck turtle was born with her heart beating outside her body. Hope became an online sensation on Instagram  where her owner keeps followers updated on her progress.

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