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Dying Street Dog Didn’t Have Much Time Left, Then An Angel Saved His Life. The Before And After Photos Are Unbelievable!




The angel in this beautiful story is named Pia. She found this sick, dying stray dog near a house in a neighborhood. The moment she looked at him she began to cry. She couldn’t believe that nobody had stopped to help him.

It broke her heart to know that it was even possible for the poor creature to get to this point. He was so skinny and frail and his eyes had completely lost their shine. He had given up on trying to stay alive for sure.

She immediately scooped him up and took him to a vet. The doctor told her that if the dog made it through the weekend then maybe he stood a chance. Since she didn’t even think he would make it through the night this was the best news she could have hoped for.


Pia brought the dog home to personally care for him. She gave him water every three hours and tried to get him to eat. However, he was so weak he could barely do that. The first few days he lost an additional two pounds. Things were looking grim but he was still alive, so there was still hope.


That is when she decided to name him Hercules because the little dog refused to give up and Pia could tell he was fighting to live. She nearly lost him on two occasions, but Hercules continued to fight.



For a long time he was so frail he couldn’t even stand up. That’s why when he finally took his first steps Pia cried like a baby. From that moment on she assisted Hercules every time he attempted to stand and walk around and soon enough, he was running all over the place, strong as can be! His eyes were shining again and full of life.

Pia had intended just to foster Hercules, but in the end she loved the dog so much that she just couldn’t part with him. She made the adoption official and now they are the happiest pair in the world.

His recovery is truly something miraculous. See for yourself Hercules’ amazing rescue and recovery video below:

For more pictures of Hercules – from before, after, and now – follow his Instagram here.
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