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Disabled Alligator Gets 3D Printed Prosthetic Tail To Help Him Swim



3D printing technology has already been shown to help make the lives of humans with disabilities better, and a new video shows that animals can benefit in similar ways. Prosthetics were one of the first medical applications for 3D printing, but they have come a long way in just a few short years.

An alligator named Mr. Stubbs, who lives at the Phoenix Herpetological Society has been disabled since he was injured by a group of animal traffickers in 2013.

Workers at the facility were able to arrange a 3d printed tail to be made for Mr. Stubbs, which would allow him to move freely again. Stubbs was the first alligator in the world to get a 3d printed prosthetic.

Stubbs has had to get several different prosthetic tails over the years because he continues to grow, but the tails continue to get better because the technology is advancing so quickly.

Now Stubbs has a tail that is fitted specifically for him.

The images below show the transformation!

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