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Chinese Zoo ‘Glues’ Basket To Tortoise’s Shell For Tourists To Throw Coins In



Exploiting animals in any way is never okay, but some people don’t seem to understand this. Recently, some photographs have come to surface online showing a tortoise at a zoo in China who’s had a basket glued to its back. Why? So tourists could toss money into it.

Nanning Zoo is located in the provincial capital of Guangxi. Pictures show The African spurred tortoise having coins chucked at it, the bucket has a Chinese flag attached to it, too.

A user of Weibo, which is a platform similar to twitter, who goes by the name ‘Tea-tia’ shared the images and says they were taking on 1 October. Tea-tia accuses the zoo of trying to swindle tourist out of money and says the tortoise was kept in less than ideal conditions, they are trying to urge the National Forestry Bureau and state media to investigate the matter.

A spokesperson from the Nanning Zoo said the management were investigating the matter

Tea-tia spoke to Pear Video, stating: “I don’t know why the zoo would use this method to exhibit precious animals.”

The African spurred tortoise is one of the largest tortoises in the world and It can grow to 30 inches in length and more than 100 pounds in weight.

According to Daily Mail, Thanks to the Weibo user, the zoo is now investigating the matter.

In China, people believe that throwing coins is good luck and wards off evil spirits.

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