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Brave Man Saves 400-lb Black Bear From Drowning



Black bears are rather intimidating, growing up to 6ft tall and weighing in anywhere between 200-600 pounds – they’re massive.

Common throughout the United States, residents are generally used to spotting them and know what to do.

When wildlife officials in Florida had to dart one, things took a dire turn for one particular bear, leaving everyone worried.

Dazed, the bear started to panic and ran into the ocean, making his way further out, swimming into the gulf.

Adam, a biologist decided to do something really brave – he dove into the ocean and helped to save the bear before he may possibly have drowned.

Losing full function of his legs, the bear was vulnerable and at risk of imminent death if it wasn’t for the brave biologist, who swam 75ft to drag the 400 pound bear safely to shore.

Once on land, the Osceola National Forest team lifted the bear with a digger bucket to safely deliver him back to his home – the forest.

What a hero!

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